When your need is very well specified and the project clearly defined, we offers this low-risk software delivery model. It is ideal for projects requiring external expertise and resources to develop a specific product or application. Greentin manages the entire project and ensures quality delivery within the promised costs and schedules. We deploys the appropriate expertise required to understand your requirements and the skilled resources to architect, design and develop a custom solution.

Customers often find it difficult to define their requirements, particularly in emerging technology markets where specifications and implementation plans change frequently. In such cases, we offer our skilled resources on a time and material basis. We form a team to execute the project while you retain the flexibility to adjust project resources based upon your evolving requirements. We also offer you the flexibility to switch to the Fixed Price Project model once the scope of your project becomes better understood. Our project team can either be located in our offshore facilities or on-site at your office

If your project require both outsourcing and consulting services in order to deliver a cost-effective result, this model has a great demand. Under this model, a single team is posted locally to attend the technical requirement with the business partner. Whereas the other team takes due care of the outsourcing and procurement requirements. The model’s mix and match feature expand the in-house proficiency by getting new resources on board. This model also helps in cutting the project outlays by engaging the extended line up to work on client’s project together with the dedicated resource and in-house team specifically hired for the project needs. Projects which have a initially defined scope but would subsequently require changes or regular maintenance should opt for the Hybrid Engagement.

Hybrid Model

Managed Service

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Businesses across the world are at the crossroads of a great change and they need to ride the digital wave to survive, thrive and differentiate.


Our technological competence, deep domain knowledge, process excellence, and an understanding of the industry roadmap makes this transformational step easy.



Our solutions meet the specific demands of industries that need mission-critical infrastructure and robust software applications. Drawing from our experience on projects of varying complexities across multiple domains, we help industries improve the quality of their offerings, trim development risks, accelerate time-to-market, and reduce costs.


Our solutions are innovative, scalable, manageable and strategically sound which keeps industries moving.


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Our innovative solutions and a flexible engagement model make clients stay ahead of the curve, drive revenues, and enhance market position.